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About Paul


Born in London with a passion for science fiction, gadget making, and acting, Paul Bradford was the Tech Manager for the SyFy series Ghost Hunters International. Paul studied photography as well as art and design in the UK, which lead to his first publication in 2009, "Wish You Were Here," a collection of travel photography from around the globe.


Out of Paul's continuing love for science fiction stemmed a need to build specialized mechanical and electronic devices that were seen not only on Ghost Hunters International, but among a number of other "ghost hunting” television shows as well. His devices are in constant demand in which he currently continues to build for a well known supplier, GhostStop Ghost Hunting Equipment.


With a passion for prop building and costuming, Paul has built a full sized TARDIS from Doctor Who. He also built a full size Dalek and mobile "K9". His latest project includes working on perfecting his "Guardians of the Galaxy" cosplay. Paul’s passion for Sci-Fi has earned him the title of ‘Super Geek’ amongst many.

Ghost Hunters International Info

Ghost Hunters International Info


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